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Medical Spanish

a Virtual Conversations
® language program

This is a new, unique role-playing educational experience in which you conduct a comprehensive medical interview of a patient, in Spanish. No pedagogy, no games; just take the medical history of this patient in Spanish.

Medical Spanish is a Virtual Conversations® language program for health professionals who want to communicate directly with Hispanic patients in Spanish. Virtual Conversations� Medical Spanish teaches you relevant vocabulary and phrases you can use in the clinical setting, and it lets you practice speaking them by actually taking the complete medical history of an intelligent Hispanic woman who doesn�t speak English.  You ask her questions in Spanish and she answers in Spanish.  

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ONLY $89.95
(directional microphone included)


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Minimum Systems Requirements

100 MHz Pentium


16MB of RAM 
(32MB recommended)


18MB hard drive space


4X CD-ROM drive


SVGA (800x600, 16 bit color)


Sound Blaster� compatible 
sound card


Microphone (included)






Windows�9X, NT4, 2000, XP

Your patient is a 78-year-old woman with a history of heart trouble.  Your objective is to get to know her and learn her medical history.  The program dynamically prompts you with questions in Spanish to help you get the information you need to make sound clinical decisions about her health care.  If you immerse yourself in the experience, you will feel that you have actually met the patient and know her medical condition, all in Spanish.

The interview can last for over an hour and may be conducted, in whole or in part, again and again. Virtual Conversations® logic assures that the flow of every interview you have with the patient will be different. In short, you can practice interviewing in Spanish as often as you like.

Medical Spanish also includes a tutor, a Hispanic physician, who helps you learn to pronounce the questions and phrases you will use to interview the patient.  She allows you to:

• See the English translations of the Spanish words and phrases
• Record and replay your pronunciation of the words and phrases
• Instantly compare your pronunciation to the tutor's
• Have the system evaluate your pronunciation

All of these are powerful self-directed educational features that help you train your ear and speak accent-free Spanish. 

The Virtual Conversations® language method is new and unique in the field of foreign language training. Immediately, you are immersed in a problem-solving exercise that requires you to speak directly, face-to-face with native speakers in their language. Rigorous, scientific experiments at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, proved that linguists using the Virtual Conversations® language method quickly spoke with confidence.  In a nutshell, the method accelerated speaking, comprehending, and reading a foreign language, and it increased students� confidence using the language.  These results were published in the Calico Journal.

If you purchase this program and practice interviewing this virtual patient, you will rapidly enhance your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, and feel more confident speaking to your patients in Spanish.




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